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What comes off as entertaining and fun today may save a life in the future


                                                                        Audience Photo


The audience is encouraged to cheer on our firefighters in training throughout the show as our event becomes a friendly competition between the firefighters.

Volunteers get to be the firefighters in our show

Print and color the PICK ME POSTER or create your help get in the show

Pick Me Photo.jpg 

Photo 16.jpg

Our Volunteers get instructions from Chief Neal

New Recruit Photo.jpg

Our volunteer firefighters respond to the simulated fire call

responding to call.jpg 

Standing room only crowds are common

Photo 6.jpg

Bleacher seating is requested, for best viewing.

 crwd photo.jpg

Audience ready for the surprising Fire Tower Shot

twr shot.jpg

It's No Low Rider...It's our Custom, child size, Fire Truck.

Photos 019.jpg


.....NEW FIRETRUCK 2016 SEASON.....  



 Nobody is  left out, at the end of the show all are invited to practice

"Crawl Low..Under Smoke" through our smoke rescue building and explore our fire truck and show props.

Visit the contact us page for booking information.

Neal Snyder, Firefighter  Show


Phone 352-409-8484

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